Rabu, 10 Februari 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

In these days, we live in a world that have many complex problem. Surely, we have to solve that problem. For solving a problem we have to use our brain and speak out how to use all of that. What is the relation with education? Let’s take a look to my essay.
In Indonesia, the government make sure that the education is free, without any charge, for 9 years. Which mean from elementary school until we finished junior high school. Between that, there is some “moving library” that we can use to gain much more education. So, in Indonesia there is an easiness for we to get an education.

At school, there is many education that we get. Education not only studying math, physics, biology or chemical, but we can study about social life, about how to talk with older people, how to respect each others between our difference. At my school when we are at grade 10. There is an moral education program before we study. Teachers at school always teach us about good characteristic, maybe they didn’t mention it directly, but when they teach a lesson they will show from teaching and learning situation. Maybe like a student raise her/ his hand with left hand, they will tell that that was wrong we should to raise with right hand, such like that. Maybe this paragraph can answer my own question at the first.

After that, who is the most important role for build better future? That were us. Who still young and still gain education. At elementary school, we usually hear about “next generation” from our teachers or parents, “next generation” that was mean us. Previous generation trust to us for making future much better than before. What we have to do to make that hope happen. In our mind future is about how the development of technologies, I think future is not all about technologies. In my mind maybe in the future we can know each other, we can live together with no war, and peace. Based of that point I will explain what is the relation with education.

First point, about the development of technologies. How we can develop technologies without any knowledge about that. In higher education after high school, we are attend collage, at this education level, we are study more specific at what we want to do when we have a job. At elementary school until junior high school we all study the same lesson, but when we entry high school, we can choose “ipa” “ips” “bahasa”. But when we attend collage, we can choose our own majors. So we can study about our subject that was important to our job.

Second point, about our peace in the future. Like what I was tell before, at school we are also teach about characteristic and attitude, so if we show what we have learnt from school, that doesn’t impossible to make peace in this world real.

So, after all I think that my essay can prove, education can build better future.

Rabu, 27 Januari 2016

"Mobile phones have made made life worse, not better?"

Nowdays, mobile phones are thing that we bring every day. I think now have at least 1 mobile phones is a must. Why? Because the most important reason is we can communicate with our family, friends, and people that was so far away from us. At this post I didn’t agree that mobile phones made life worse, not better. Even though there are some bad effect of using mobile phones, there are much more benefit that served by mobile phones.

We all know that communicate is very important, for example : at work, if we didn’t
communicate to other employee there will be chaotic of doing the daily works. Okay, we can directly communicate if others employee were at the office, but if we or the others weren’t at the office what could we do without any mobile phones?. Not only that, at mobile phones there are so many program or application that can make our daily activities much easier. There are calculator, dictionary, holy book, camera, videos or music. Just imagine that we have to carry all of that on our bags. So that is the example of the benefit using mobile phones.

At this post, I also have to explain the negative effect of using too much mobile phones. First, by using mobile phones we can communicate without face to face, so that make us less socializing. Then, using too much mobile phones could damage our eyes, so we have to use glasses or contact lens. The last, maybe this is from my experience, I've downloaded many games at my own mobile phone, so that's make me lazy to do anything, like study and do any homework.

At the end, after you read my post, I hope you can take the positive value and avoid the bad impact of using mobile phones.
Most of mobile phones nowdays is a “smartphone”, if your phone was smart, why you didn’t be a smart user too? –SAY HAI:)))))

Rabu, 02 Desember 2015

Kambing Jantan

Okay guys now I will tell you Great Novel

This novel contains a collection of stories of everyday silly and unique from Raditya Dika, a student from the marriage of the Batak and sewing machines (As written on the back cover of the book). Actually this novel is the diary of Raditya Dika he wrote on the internet (blogs). All the funny stories that exist in this novel is the true story of the author (Radith) from years 2002-2004.

The novel is very useful for relieving stress and confusion, especially for teenagers. Because in this novel Raditya Dika write personal story with very plain and make the reader entertained.

After high school, Dika (Raditya Dika), which has the nickname Goat, should continue their education in Adelaide, Australia, took the title of finance that is not according to their interests. So began the journey of life Dika search for identity.

As he goes to college in Australia, problems arise with Kebo, his girlfriend, because it must undergo a Long Distance Relationship (LDR), which causes huge financial outlay, communications disrupted, and that the longer the life course makes them different.

Other problems such as how Dika have difficulty in learning, and the emergence of Sally Dickson, professor of Caucasians are more like women soldiers, adding to the dilemma the Goat in resolving problems LDR and finance (in two real sense: the need finance his and school finance her).

Encounter with an elementary friend, Ine (Sarah Shafitri), which reads Dika blog titled "Kambingjantan", opened his mind that he could be a writer of comedy. The next day the life story of an extremely stupid and ridiculous it makes him a very special experience unforgettable.
Maybe that's all that I can explain to you
Thank you guys :))


Now I will explain about my dream job

My dream job is Civil Engineer, I think that was a great job, because of I really like things about constructing a building and when I was child, my toys were kind of building something like cube and puzzle, so I like to do something that have a relation with constructing.

I know that Indonesia is a developing country, so I think a civil engineer is still needed for this country.

Maybe most of you and me too, still don't know what is the difference between Architect and Civil Engineer, right?

So:)) now I will give you information about that :

Architect :

•Build public or private structures.
•Focus on the aesthetic principles of design. In school, you will take more art-related classes and fewer engineering- and science-related courses.
•Acquire the relevant certifications in the field of architecture.

Civil Engineer :

  • Build public or private structures, with a focus on public structures.
  • Also build hydroelectric dams, canals, roadways, or other structures with useful functions in society.
  • Focus on science and engineering. In college, you will take fewer art-related classes and learn a lot more engineering and physics than you would if you majored in architecture. This major is usually considered more “difficult.”
  • Acquire the relevant certifications in the field of civil engineering.

  • I can tell that I'm lucky live in Bandung, because there was a great university of civil engineering. Yeah, it was ITB, i hope i could study there, AAMIIN:))

    okay, now i'm at 12th grade, so i must to study hard, pray, and find more information about collage.

    That's all from me. say HAII :))

    Selasa, 08 September 2015


    What in your mind if someone talk about peace?

    Maybe that quotes was very simple, but i think, it contains a lot of meaning.

    Most of us do not understand the notion essentially of a word "Peace", perhaps most of us simply means" Peace "course. From many sources that I know of the meaning of the word "Peace" is: Peace can be interpreted a state in which a person feels safe, peaceful, free from interference from noise in the city by moving to the village, or also can mean "peace", that atmosphere is back to normal due to the absence of a state of war time.

    Peace in my understanding is when we can express the difference to the difference of opinion with no sense of fear, but in a calm way and still have a sense of authority with serenity and breathtaking honesty and tolerance, respect in attitude and speechless.

    Peace is also about feeling calm and open to other people, other tribes, other religions, other languages, other nations and other groups without feeling, uncomfortable, embarrassed, keeping a distance, distinguish, cornering, disgusted to come together to solve problems or just talk to the other people in daily life.

    When we come together with one class, creed, ethnicity, principles, religion, language would be very easy to say, "It is our peace and harmony" But it will be difficult if they get together with different groups or others with us. If so I say; meaning that there is no peace in our lives.

    The Next Leader

    Being a Leader was not easy. If to be a leader who carelessly does not prosecuted certain conditions / minimum. A leader should have a stock-provision of at least the following:

    a. Has Charisma
    Being a leader is not easy. Not as easy as you might imagine. He must be prepared intellectually and morally. Because it would be a figure that is expected to more people / subordinates. Behavior must be exemplary / exemplary. A leader is someone who has the ability above average ability subordinates. In short: a leader must have charisma. The characteristics of a leader who has charisma is:
    1. The behavior is commendable
    2. Honest and trustworthy
    3. Holding commitment
    4. Consistent with speech
    5. Having enough moral religion.

    b. Have Courage
    Not funny when a leader does not have the courage. Minimal courage to speak, express opinions, argue and boldly defend the truth. More specifically courage is shown in bold commitment to defend the right, holding on the right of establishment, is not afraid to fail, dare to take risks and dare to be responsible.

    c. Have the ability to influence others
    One of the characteristics that someone has leadership is the ability to influence a person to achieve a certain goal. With the ability to communicate, it can affect others. As for ways to influence others include:
    1. Make the other person feel important
    2. Helping the difficulties of others
    3. Suggests insight with a positive outlook
    4. Do not put others down
    5. Having excess or expertise.

    d. Capable of Making Strategy
    A leader should be identical to a strategist. Forward the resignation of the company, failure-success of an organization, are determined by the strategy designed by the company or the organization's leaders. The criteria for a leader who is able to draw up a strategy:
    1. Mastering the terrain
    2. Having insight
    3. Think smart
    4. Creative and innovative
    5. Being able to see the problem in a comprehensive manner
    6. Able to develop priorities
    7. Being able to predict the future.

    e. Has the moral high
    Many people argue that morality is a quality measure whether or not a person's life. Let alone a leader who will be a role model. A leader is a role model is morally justifiable. Signs of a high moral leader:
    1. Do not hurt others
    2. Appreciate anyone
    3. Be polite
    3. Not like conflict
    4. Not hasty
    5. Do not want to have that is not right
    6. His words controlled and calculating
    7. His behavior can be used as an example.

    f. Capable of being Mediator
    A wise leader is able to act in a fair and objective thinking. Two things are going to support the task of leadership to become a mediator. Terms mediator includes several criteria:
    1. Think positive
    2. Every problem has always been at the center
    3. Have the ability to lobby
    4. Able to seat a problem proportionally
    5. Being able to distinguish between personal interests and the public interest.

    g. Capable of being Motivator
    Relationship with the motivation of a leader is that a leader as well as a motivator. Thus it should be. Leadership is a central point and the starting point of a step will begin. Motivation will be born if the leadership realizes its function as a motivator. Signs of a leader aware of its function as a motivator:
    1. Have a concern to others
    2. Being able to be a good listener
    3. Calls upon the goodness
    4. Being able to convince other people
    5. Trying to understand the wishes of others.

    h. Have a Sense of Humor
    Will be easier to carry out the task of leadership a leader - if supported by humorous nature of leadership - it has humor. Said the humor is more important than salary increases. Including category leaders who have a sense of humor is as follows:
    1. Cheap smile
    2. Being able to break the ice atmosphere
    3. Being able to create a refreshing sentence
    4. Rich story and humorous stories

    Senin, 15 Juni 2015


    Dewa Athena is a sports event that held once a year.

    There were much sports, such like Futsal, Basketball, Table Tennis, Tarik Tambang, Dodgeball, Badminton, and many more!!!

    I was very disappointed that my class can not attend the opening ceremony of Dewa Athena, which is color run, because at that time we are facing the final exam. But it's okay, because we didn't miss the event.

    In this event, i won Table Tennis. That was the first time i played Table Tennis for a championship. I'm very happy because my practice didn't vain.
    At the final, i met my ex classmate, his name is "Muhammad Nur Ihsan", He was very agile. First I thought i won't win from Ihsan, but i start believe my self and do my best... and Finally i won the title.

    From this event, we got really much lessons, but i think these quotes is the most important lesson